The Most Prestigious Awards & Trophies in Football

The Most Prestigious Trophies and Awards in Football

With World Cup fever reverberating around the globe right now, it is as good a time as any to reflect upon the top football trophies and accolades in the world of football. Of course, the biggest football trophy of all is the World Cup trophy itself. A stunning gold design that shows two players holding up the Earth. Within the competition, there are a number of other football awards such as the Golden Boot to represent the top goal scorer of the tournament.

A player’s career is often reflected on in terms of how many football medals they managed to win, so runners-up medals never have the same value to players in the way that athletes celebrate receiving 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals.

English football trophies include the Premier League Trophy, which is a very grand trophy, currently in the possession of this season’s champions Manchester City. In the English game, there are also FA Cup and League Cup trophies to be won by top-flight teams. The football medal that most players around Europe want to win with their club is the Champions League, which is another very large silver trophy with two big handles.

Football Trophies

Organising your team’s trophy presentation

When you are planning for your own trophy presentation, a fair bit of planning is required. Cheap football trophies might be the best option if you are trying to keep costs down and you can still get some very nice designs. Glass football trophies are usually a bit more expensive but they look really impressive and your players will love to receive one.

Replica football trophies are also good options, so you could get a replica of the Golden Boot trophy to present to your top goal scorer, or a replica of the World Cup trophy to present to your team captain to mark the success in a competition that your team won.

Always give plenty of time to order your trophies and to have enough time to get engravings added if you want to personalise the awards. It is a nice gesture to recognise all of the players on the team, even if it is just with a cheap football trophy and just give the more expensive trophies out for the main awards.

Fun trophies

You can make competitions like fantasy football more exciting by giving out fantasy football trophies and awards. A fantasy football trophy might be the closest some people will ever get to winning a football trophy, so it is definitely worth arranging. Just make sure that everyone puts in a bit of extra money at the start of the competition to cover the cost of a cheap football trophy.

You can also have awards for worst fantasy football manager and other silly awards like that as it makes it rewarding for both the best, and the worst.

Ordering your trophies

Always make sure that you order all of your trophies at once, to ensure the postage and packaging is included together so you do not face any extra charges. When you are ordering them, make sure you check out the postage costs and look for football trophies in the UK to avoid any international postage charges. Keep an eye out for football trophy cheap deals throughout the season and you can always order them early on and then arrange the engravings at the end of the season.

You may also find that you get loyalty discounts for going back to the same supplier each season, or you might be able to get a discount based on bulk buying of trophies. If you run a football club that has several age groups then it is worthwhile putting your orders in together to get the best possible discount deals.

The material used in each trophy will usually dictate how expensive it is but you can get plastic based trophies that don’t look particularly cheap. So work out your budget first of all and then you can decide on what quality of trophies you are able to order. If you are buying for young players then it is nice to be inclusive and present a trophy to each player, whilst you may prefer to spend a lot of money on just a few nice trophies for senior team awards.


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