Cast Metal Cups

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Cast Metal Cups

When you want to make a great impression at any event, sporting competition, or corporate event where earning an award is the centre of the competition you want to be able to present one of the great cast metal cups from Premier Trophies. These cups far surpass most expectations, with options including gold and silver coloured cups.

These two handled cast metal cups are sturdy and will be a well-appreciated recognition. Choose from styles like the Wellington with its elongated cup, or the Castcup 11 with its stout cup. The choice is all yours. There are some styles with elongated handles and others with shorter rounder handles.

The Free Engraving is Fabulous
The ability to personalise the cast metal cups makes them the perfect option for so many events. Free engraving helps to keep the cost down. Some shops charge a great deal for engraving. When you add the cost of the engraving to the cost of the cast metal cups it actually raises the price of the cups at some competitors up by about 10% over the cost of the cast metal cups at Premier Trophies. So whether you are looking for a football trophy, or a cup designed to signify something important to your team (view our full collection of presentation cups here), you can be sure Premier Trophies will ensure you receive only quality.

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