Glass Football Trophies

Glass Football Trophies

We have a range of football trophies made from glass. An ever increasingly popular option for football bodies, our glass football trophies add a touch of class to a football league or club presentation. Our range includes coloured glass, jade cut glass and crystal awards to suit a variety of tastes. Add personalisation to your trophies to put a finishing touch on your awards. You can see our other Glass Trophies and Glass Cups here.

Personalised Glass Football Trophies

Which players are worthy of glass football trophies? That’s a great question. In the end, one of the best things about glass football trophies is the fact that you can award them to pretty much anyone. Our wide collection includes diverse options including coloured glass, jade-cut glass, and even crystal awards, there is something for every type of player and every type of accomplishment.

These glass football trophies capture a variety of iconic visuals and images associated with the sport. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with finding something that the player is truly going to appreciate. With variety like this, you can purchase several different glass football trophies for the best players on your team.

With free personalised engraving and a glass football trophy, you are truly showcasing the best of your club or team. Great players deserve to be rewarded. Fantastic performances across a single match often deserve recognition. Players who distinguish themselves over the course of the entire season deserve respect. A great way to give that respect is to give the player or players a trophy that they will carry forever. At Premier Trophies we are committed to recognising excellence.