Top 10 football trophies

It’s that time of year again when clubs up and down the country start their search for end of season football trophies. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten football trophies on the Premier Trophies store to help you make your selections. See our ten to one count down below…

No 10 – the gold flash7 football trophy

Number 10 in our count down is the footballer flash trophy. This popular piece is a lifelike design of a footballer dribbling a ball across a flash design.  At 8 inches this is unusually large for a football figure style trophy.

No 9 – the spirit7 of football trophy

A one piece silk finish column cup trophy with a football built into the top of the design. Standing at 7.5 inches the split column is set on an antique gold resin base.

No 8 – the gold flash8 football boot trophy

The flash football boot trophy is a contemporary design which carries an imposing jagged flash to the right of the realistic boot and ball; a suspended effect item in bronze and gold antique finish.

No 7 – the football glory15 trophy

The glory trophy is a huge award standing at 15 inches. This is a classic ball, column and base design in antique gold and bronze gloss finish. This looks great in a trophy cabinet or on your mantelpiece.

No 6 – the x-plode8 3D football trophy

This cup trophy is a great shape to present to a winning footballer. Quite often these trophies are purchased for each player, with a larger, exact same larger cup awarded to the winning team. The gold and silver column gives this trophy an impressive 8 inches in height.

top football trophies

No 5 – the flow football trophy

This trophy is a circular antique gold design with a footballer dribbling a ball in the centre, surrounded by a wreath to the left and right of the figure. This one piece design is just over 3 inches in height.

No 4 – the bold star football trophy

Popular due to its neat design and antique gold finish, this trophy depicts a player breaking free of an opponent to either shoot or pass. The gold star in the background provides a lovely finishing touch.

No 3 – the male football trophy

The best value item available anywhere on the internet, this black and gold trophy is perfect for volume purchases when your budget is tight. Set on a marble base which adds weight to the overall trophy.

No 2 – the breaker6 football cup trophy

The number two trophy is an antique silver 3D column trophy with gold football top. This is a classic statement piece that stands 6 inches tall.

No 1 – the mini x-plode3 2D football trophy

A hugely popular award which incorporates the design of a footballer breaking out of a ball. A great value for money gold, silver, white and black trophy makes this our number one football trophy.

top 10 trophies


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