The top 5 reasons for awarding trophies

A trophy helps to motivate competitors

Participants want to win; it’s how human beings are made. Players and coaches want to achieve success in their sports and being able to claim a trophy or prize adds an additional layer of motivation for the competitors. Imagine a team winning a football league with no trophies to collect at the end of the season – unimaginable! Or an Olympian with no gold medal to collect at the end of the games? Competitors are motivated because they want the ultimate prize, and once they have had a taste of it they want it even more.

A trophy is the material representation of a triumph

You will remember the blood, the sweat, the tears and the pain endured to win an individual event or competition. Or, the teamwork, camaraderie and spirit that makes up the elements of a successful team. A trophy is the physical representation of these emotions to ensure you never forget the sacrifices made to achieve greatness.

Trophies mean victory

Victory is a glorious thing which we should celebrate. We don’t give away trophies to everyone; this is special and something that is reserved for those who have conquered, those who have been victorious. Trophies simply stated, mean victory, this is exactly what they represent.

Trophies are retained as proof of achievements

Have you kept the trophies you won as a child? I know I have, tucked away in an old cabinet they are the precious symbols or sporting achievement that will be kept forever. You don’t throw them away; they are kept safe as they really mean something to their owners.

Winners celebrate with trophies

Picture the end of season and what’s the strongest visual that comes to mind? Teams celebrating winning a competition, spraying champagne, embracing and lifting a cup aloft? Or how about a marathon or fun run? A participant with a medal around their neck proving that they have completed the course? Or an athletics meeting? First, second and third places athletes being presented with their awards on top of a rostrum? Winners celebrate with medals, trophies, cups and awards.

These are the top five reasons for awarding trophies at a sporting event. – the trophy and engraving specialist


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