The Derby finally gets a trophy

A new Epsom Derby trophy was recently designed by a Wiltshire-based sculptor. 25 year old Charlie Langton, who has his studio on the outskirts of Wroughton, was commissioned at the beginning of 2010 to create the ultimate trophy for the racing world.

The result is a half-metre wide circular trophy, cast in silver, depicting three horses at the climax of a race.  Surprisingly the prestigious Epsom Derby had, until now, been a great British sporting institution without a perpetual trophy. So the winners of one of the greatest flat horse races in the world have not been presented with a trophy to mark their achievement.

The newly designed trophy is cast in silver, by the London-based jewellers Asprey; the trophy will not only be engraved with future winners but all 230 winners of Derby’s past. The result is a beautiful masterpiece befitting of such an esteemed sporting event. – the trophy and engraving specialist

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