Reward your star pupils with school trophies!

The inherent need for people to perform to their limits and push the boundaries of excellence is founded by the need to be appreciated. It is a well known fact that if you give one person a task, they will not push themselves, but if you tell two people to do the same job, they will look to outdo each other in an effort to prove that they are superior.

That is the same case when it comes to students in the classroom. There will be students who want to perform to the best of their abilities, and then some students who just want their lessons to be over. There is a top performer in every class and school in the UK and it is up to you to acknowledge the best performers in the form of school trophies.

You can organize a small event after the school year ends and give out trophies and awards to all the best performers in each subject or the overall standout performer of the year in school. This will not only breed confidence in the minds of the children, but also motivate the other kids to become more determined in their studies.

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