Motivate People With Trophies and Awards

Your workforce needs to be recognised for their efforts. According to the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his book The Theory of Motivation he is quoted as saying that, “humans need to be recognized for work well done, opportunities for accomplishment, achievement, and independence.”

His hierarchy of needs suggests that humans have five different types of needs:

1.Biological and Physiological Needs (e.g. water and food)

2.Safety Needs (e.g. shelter)

3.Love Needs  (e.g. belonging and acceptance)

4.Esteem Needs (e.g. respect, rewards, and recognition)

5.Self-Actualization Needs (e.g. personal challenge and advancement)

Each of these needs must be met fully before the next need can be attained. For example, all Biological and Physiological Needs must be met before an individual will worry about Safety Needs. Safety Needs must be met before an individual will look for Love Needs etc.

From an organisational point of view you can easily see that many of these basic needs  can be expressed at work.

The five different types of Organizational Needs, according to Maslow, include:

1.Compensation and Benefits (e.g. fair pay, health insurance, and retirement)

2.Location and Working Conditions (e.g. commute, available resources, and working environment)

3.Acceptance and Involvement (e.g. a feeling of belonging)

4.Recognition (e.g. being acknowledged for a job well done)

5.Advancement and Growth (e.g. an opportunity to grow and be challenged)

Rewarding employees for their contributions and achievements directly meets their needs for esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. Corporate awards and trophies are a cost effective solution to help meet the needs of your high performing staff members. – the trophy and engraving specialist


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