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Human beings are competitive by nature and sports give them the chance to compete against each other in a competition, where they can put their skills, and wits against each other. It has been a long standing tradition that has been carried out through centuries. The ancient Romans had the Coliseum were gladiators used to pit their skills against each other and the winners were adorned with cups and trophies.

Similarly the ancient Greeks developed the Olympics which was an event were the all the athletes from around the world could come together and compete against each other in a variety of different sports. The winners of each individual category would be awarded trophies and awards and medals in honor of their achievements.

In recent times every sporting event honors the best performers in the event with sports trophies, and awards. Cups and medals are usually reserved for team sports where certain individuals perform together like a well knit unit. No matter what the sport, every athlete on this planet, competes to win cups, awards, medals and trophies in their respective sport.

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