Want cheaper alternatives to trophies? Try medals and awards

These days awards and trophies are in high demand, everywhere. Almost every institute, school, business, sports center, has orders placed for trophies, awards, cups and medals on an annual basis. It can be quite an expensive proposition, especially if you are catering to a large audience and have dozens of nominees that can win the trophies.

This is why many of these organisations are looking at cheaper alternatives to trophies in the form of medals and awards. A trophy can be given to a team, but only one individual can actually keep it on display at their home, whereas medals and awards can be given individually and so it makes sense to utilize that option whenever there are lots of awards to be handed out.

However, the quality of the trophies, awards and medals should not suffer and should be of a respectable level that can allow people to place them proudly on display at their mantelpiece. In order to organise a premier event and ensure that you don’t go above your budget medals and awards are a good alternative to have in place of trophies.

If you are looking for cheap alternatives for trophies, in the form of medals and awards, then Premier Trophies have got you covered. They are the leading suppliers of cups, awards and trophies in the UK and have catered to numerous premier sports and school events around the UK.


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