Centurion Star Hockey Medal 53 x 40mm



Centurion Star Hockey Medal finished in antique gold, silver and bronze.

An unusal 53 x40mm rectangular medal, die cast in a high relief zinc alloy.

A ribbon can be added , please see collection below

Additional information


Gold, Silver, Bronze

Code MM15014

Medal Engraving (+£0.50)

None Green and Black Ribbon (MR18/164) +£0.60 Blue Ribbon (MR5/250) +£0.60 Red Ribbon (MR10/250) +£0.60 Light Blue Ribbon (MR21/250) +£0.60 Maroon Ribbon (MR22/250) +£0.60 Green Ribbon (MR23/250) +£0.60 Orange Ribbon (MR25/250) +£0.60 White Ribbon (MR26/250) +£0.60 Pink Ribbon (MR27/250) +£0.60 Purple Ribbon (MR28/250) +£0.60 Black Ribbon (MR20/250) +£0.60 Light Blue and Blue Ribbon (MR15242/250) +£0.60 Blue and White Ribbon (MR4/250) +£0.60 Maroon and White Ribbon (MR29/250) +£0.60 Orange and White Ribbon (MR30/250) +£0.60 Black and White Ribbon (MR1/250) +£0.60 Black and Gold Ribbon (MR32/250) +£0.60 Black and Red Ribbon (MR33/250) +£0.60 Orange and Black Ribbon (MR16000/250) +£0.60 Red and Gold Ribbon (MR35/250) +£0.60 Green and Gold Ribbon (MR37/250) +£0.60 Blue and Yellow Ribbon (MR7/250) +£0.60 Blue and Red Ribbon (MR34/250) +£0.60 Red and White Ribbon (MR3/250) +£0.60 Red, White and Red Ribbon (MR12/250) +£0.60 Red, Yellow and Black Ribbon (MR14/250) +£0.60 Green, White and Red Ribbon (MR15/250) +£0.60 Green, White and Orange Ribbon (MR36/250) +£0.60 Olympic Ribbon (MR2128/250) +£0.60 Red, White and Blue Ribbon (MR2/250) +£0.60 Gold Thread Trimmed Red, White and Blue Ribbon (MR2123/251) +£0.80 Union Flag Ribbon (MR2120/251) +£0.80 Neon Green Ribbon (MR20024A) +£0.80 Neon Orange Ribbon (MR20023A) +£0.80 Neon Pink Ribbon (MR20025A) +£0.80 Neon Yellow Ribbon (MR20022A) +£0.80 Safety Ribbon, Red, White and Blue (MR3276B/251) +£0.80 Gold Metallic Sparkle Ribbon (MR8135G/251) +£0.95 Silver Metallic Sparkle Ribbon (MR8135S/251) +£0.95 Bronze Metallic Sparkle Ribbon (MR8135B/251) +£0.95

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