Goalkeeper Trophies

Goalkeeper Trophies

Goalkeeper celebration trophies, goalkeeper gloves and diving saves are all design options in this range, so if you’re looking for an award to reward your no 1 then you’re at the right place. These awards are made from resin and come in antique bronze and gold finishes. Goalkeeper trophies are often awarded at the end of a season and also at tournaments to celebrate the best stopper on show.

Personalised Goalkeeper Trophies

Looking for a great way to congratulate the goalkeeper on your team for a job well done? As part of our football trophies collection, our Goalkeeper trophies are a fantastic tool for awarding an exceptional goalkeeper with something befitting of their talents and achievements. There is no question that your goalkeeper is one of the most essential members of your club or team; why not award them with something that will highlight this fact?

From celebration trophies, to goalkeeper glove trophies, to diving save trophies, these are the kinds of goalkeeper trophies that you your players will love. The best part about these trophies is that they are very keenly designed for goalkeepers specifically. Other types of football trophies are versatile in terms of which players they can be given to, in addition to which occasions such trophies are suitable for. With goalkeeper trophies, you are talking about something that is very obviously meant to be given to the goalkeeper on your team. Whether this player had an exceptional game, made a single-but-extraordinary save during a particularly ferocious match, or simply excelled from start to finish during the season, a goalkeeper trophy is a great way to congratulate them for having such an amazing season.

Want to make a great goalkeeper trophy even more valuable to the player receiving it? Then consider having the trophy personalised through our free engraving service.

At Premier Trophies we remain committed to giving you the options you need to find the trophy or trophies you are after. Find out what we have for goalkeepers and other players for all types of accomplishments and occasions.