Shield Football Trophies

Shield Football Trophies

Our shield trophies are a combination of traditional shield awards and modern resin trophies to create an impressive looking silver, bronze or gold award. These come in a vast range of designs from football player montages, three dimensional balls and end of season specials such as players player or clubman personalised trophies.

Personalised Shield Trophies

Combining the traditional shield award with a modern resin trophy, shield trophies are one of the most popular products to be found at Premier Trophies. These trophies, part of our football trophies range, are a fantastic way to show one or several members of your football club how much you appreciate their contributions from over the course of the season. Other options include boot shaped football trophies, and cup football trophies.

Note that as these shield trophies are available in bronze, silver, and gold you can perhaps order one in each type, and give them out according to the number of goals scored by the top three members of the club. This is just one possibility, but it is most certainly not the only one. These impressive-looking trophies can be used to celebrate anything you wish.

And if you want to make one of these magnificent shield trophies even more exciting, go the extra mile, and take full advantage of our free engraving service. For absolutely no additional charge, we will include a special message to the player or players receiving the shield trophy.

And remember that at Premier Trophies, we are deeply committed to making sure you find exactly what you want in the way of football trophies. Contact us today if you require more assistance.