Medals On Sale

Medals On Sale

Our Sale Medals can help you to provide someone with a nice award that is an inexpensive token but that does not look like an inexpensive token! These medals can be used for everything from gymnastics to rugby. There are sale medals that have specific motifs like the medals for Rugby, Football, Gymnastics, Track and Field and many others. If you need it, it is very likely that Premier Trophies offers it and it may very well be on sale. Alternatively browse our full collection of medals here.

Add a Ribbon

Sale medals are ideal on their own or you can add a ribbon to make them even more special. You can order our sale medals with ribbons that compliment the medals. It is an easy way to have a big impact on any team sports or academic achievement.
These medals when combined with ribbons can make any event a BIG event.

Easy to Order

Premier Trophies has been bringing top quality trophy and award options to the UK for 20 years, and we aim to make it easy to order as many medals as you need. Some vendors offer good sales as well but they have a limit or a minimum amount that you have to order. Premier Trophies lets you order as many or as few as you need. You can order what you need right online in a few minutes. This is a no hassle way of getting a great deal on sale medals without having to worry about quality.