Large Clear Glass Cups

Large Clear Glass Cups

Premier Trophies offers a great range of trophies including glass cups. The glass adds a certain dazzle to the trophy. As the light reflects off the glass cups the trophy becomes a real eye pleaser. They add a real touch of class to any room and will surely be treasured by anyone that receives them.

Our Glass cups are made from heavy cut glass that simply is dazzling. The glass cups from Premier Trophies are ideal to mark a full range of events, from football to corporate recognition. They are the perfect addition to any business type of competition like sales competitions. They are also great for sporting events and other types of competitions.

Premier Trophies offers some of the best glass cups to express a full range of congratulations and to recognize superior efforts (you can also view our range of glass trophies and glass awards). A glass cup trophies are something that never winds up tucked away. They are always displayed proudly because they are just so beautiful and enhance any décor.

Free Engraving

You can easily personalise any one of the glass cups to commemorate a special achievement by using the free engraving service from Premier Trophies. The engraving is what will take the glass cups from just a trophy to a meaningful gift. The expert engravers at Premier Trophies can easily inscribe any message, date or name that you choose and it is always free. It is a great way of taking one of the already beautiful glass cups and giving them a much more personal touch.

Order today by choosing the style of glass cups that catches your eye and have it engraved to personalise. Order online, it is a quick easy way to get the perfect trophy for so many occasions and events.