Medium Silver Football Figure Trophies

Medium Silver Football Figure Trophies

The classic football figure trophies are still one of our best selling items. Available in a range of sizes (click here to view small football trophies, and large football trophies, colours, finishes and configurations our range of football figure trophies is as extensive as any supplier you will find on the internet. These trophies are perfect for tournaments, weekly awards, presentations, soccer schools and even football themed birthday parties.

Personalised Football Figure Trophies

When it comes to football trophies and classic symbols, there is no question that the football figure is right at the top of the list. One of the nicest features with football figure trophies is the fact that these trophies work with a wide variety of scenarios.

If you have players who are serious about the way they play the game, they deserve to be rewarded at the end of the season. Football figure trophies can be used to celebrate a player who made a significant contribution during a specific game, as easily as they can be used to celebrate the top scorer for the season, or to celebrate anything else you might have in mind. There are football figure trophies for men, women, and children alike.

And with our free engraving service, you can create a unique personalised message for that special player on your team.

At Premier Trophies, we are committed to helping you to find the best award or awards possible for your team. Is the football figure trophy what you’re looking for?