Gold Cup Football Trophies

Gold Cup Football Trophies

Often awarded to each squad player as a replica of the main silver cup awarded to the team, our range of Cup football trophies start at around five pounds for our smaller trophies, and has options all the way up to an 18 inch cup football trophy which is a very impressive piece for any football league or association.

Personalised Cup Football Trophies

Our Cup football trophies section represents a fantastic combination of our football trophies and cups. The symbolism behind these particular football trophies is profound, making them ideal whether you wish to congratulate a specific member of the club, at the team itself.

The great thing about cup football trophies is that they work under a variety of circumstances. In many cases, they are given to specific members of the team, as they often strongly resemble the main cup given to a winning team at the end of hard-fought season.

Whether looking for a distinctive large football trophy, or something more unique like a crystal football trophy, nothing sends home the message that a player or team has done well for the season than the iconic image of the football itself. Combine that football with the legendary concept of the cup trophy, and you have something that your players are going to appreciate for years and years to come. Our Cup football trophies offer incredible attention to detail, as well as a level of durability that will ensure the player or players who receive them will carry them for decades onward.

Add a personal message to one of these cup football trophies, and make your players understand just how much you appreciate their contributions. If you want to reward each squad player for the phenomenal job they did during the season, these trophies are perfect. Combine a trophy of such scale and fantastic detail with a personalised engraving (available for free), and the message to your player or players will be clear. They will know exactly what they have accomplished, and they will be ready to go the distance for the club once again in the next season.

Cup football trophies represents just one of the football trophy options available to you. At Premier Trophies, we are committed to helping you find one trophy or several trophies for the player or players who deserve that special level of recognition.